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Welcome to the charters page! Here are the listings for all of the charters offered by 707 Sportfishing. Please be sure to check out the client's responsibilities either at the bottom of this page or on the About page.

 I use top-of-the-line rods and reels: Penn, Calstar, Seeker, Shimano, Avet, and Okuma. Basic terminal tackle is supplied: bait, hooks, weights, and trolling gear.


  Please inform me prior to the trip when booking if you are in need of left-handed gear. If you would like to bring your own tackle that is fine. Please let me know prior to the trip so I can make space.

2024 Rates
Single Species Trips run from 6:30 am to 2:30
pm. $275 (4 0r more anglers $250).
Combo/ Bottom fishing Trips run from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm. $300 (4 or more angles $275).
Humboldt Bay Trips run 6:30am to 2:30pm. $225 (4 or more anglers $200). 
Albacore Trips sun-up to 4 pm. $450 (4 angler max $425).
Bluefin trip TBA (Call and get on the waitlist!)
*Departure times may vary depending on tides.

I can not run without a minimum of three anglers. Single anglers are always welcome but they need to understand the date/s they book may not run without my minimum being met. The other option is to be added to my on-call standby list for open spaces throughout the season.  There is a discount if you fill the boat.  You get the best price ($25 off/angler) by loading the boat with 4-6 passengers. See the general pricing above. 

For a small fee, I can clean & fillet your fish upon return to the dock. Salmon and Pacific Halibut cleaning is free. There is a $20 charge to clean a full limit of bottom fish or $2/fish. I do not clean albacore

Get your name and contact info on the list below:

Albacore List

Bluefin List

Redding Rock List

Single Angler standby list

Interested in booking a charter?



  Here in Humboldt county we fish for King Salmon. Each year our salmon season varies dramatically. Generally, as early as late May to September (Labor day) we get a shot at these tasty fish.
   We can fish very close to shore ~50' of water and out as deep as 250'. So, it can encompass most of our area. We could run North as far as Trinidad or South to Cape Mendocino and out 8-10 miles.
   Most of the time we troll but at times we would be mooching.

$280 Per Person
$140 Deposit Per Person

Humboldt Bay Trips

When all else fails we can explore Humboldt Bay for several species of fish. It is open to fishing year round. Depending on fishing seasons and regulations we have Salmon, California Halibut, rockfish, Lingcod, sharks and rays available. During the summer months most of these species are possible. In the winter time shark fishing is our best bet depending on tides. 
  The most popular fishery in Humboldt Bay is California Halibut. They are smaller than the Pacific Halibut, averaging 5-10 pounds with some occasional larger fish over 30 pounds! They are usually caught in water 10 feet or less. We fish with light tackle and live bait. When hooked they take off at blistering speeds. California Halibut fishing makes for a really exciting day on the bay. 

$280 Per Person
$140 Deposit Per Person

(Lingcod & Rockfish)

 Here along the North Coast, we have quality Rockfish and Lingcod fishing available to us. We can run North or South depending on ocean conditions. Either way, we have an amazing mix of rockfish. At any time Lingcod are caught as well. Often, Lingcod eats your rockfish or even a smaller Lingcod. What an amazing fishery. Sometimes it is really fast. Total mayhem! Lots of fun and excellent eating fish. May to December (Seasons subject to regulation changes by Cal Fish and Wildlife at any time).

*Redding Rock trips are available but must be specially arranged. Prices vary depending on the trip. Must have a group of 4 to be able to book this trip.

$350 Per Person
$175 Deposit Per Person



    These are by far the most exciting fish we get to fish for in Humboldt.  Tuna hit hard and never stop. Frequently, when one hits several others hit too. In a brief moment, the boat becomes alive with an excited fisherman fighting fish in all directions.
    We troll initially and depending on conditions follow up with live bait or throw jigs and swimbaits.
    Keep in mind this fishery is the most difficult to plan due to the need for them to come within range. So, if you are interested get your name on my tuna list ASAP (Please contact me).  Be advised it happens fast. Often I only have 24 hours' notice prior to departure. Frequently, people near the bottom of the list go simply because they are available. That is tuna fishing. It's lots of fun. 


If the conditions change and we can not run for albacore the trip will not be cancelled but change to a different trip (Bottom fishing/Combo) the cost of the trip will change to those prices.

$480 Per Person
$240 Deposit Per Person

$20 off for Veterans, Law enforcement, Fire, and EMS or Full Boat Charter rate of 4 or more angler booked $25 off/angler.


Call for Pricing

Combo Charter 

Multi-species trips are usually a blend of two different fisheries. Rockfish/Lingcod and Pacific Halibut, Salmon and Pacific Halibut, or Rockfish/Lingcod and Salmon.
These trips are an hour longer than single species.  When limits are reached, we head back in. 
(scroll through images for combo species)

$350 Per Person
$175 Deposit Per Person

Pacific Halibut

 The Pacific Halibut is by far the most desirable table fair available to us.  Our season is highly regulated much like King Salmon. Usually May-October.  We are given a quota and when it is met we are done. So don't wait!
  They are deep (200'-300').  We use heavy bottom fishing gear. There is a reason! Every drop could be a 50+ pound fish. Most years, much larger fish are caught. Hopefully one of these big ones could be yours.


  Pacific Halibut hit hard! If you want a fight, these are the fish for you. 

$280 Per Person
$140 Deposit Per Person


 In late fall, usually second Saturday in November we get to shift gears a bit for a more casual fishery. Dungeness Crab! Bring a five-gallon bucket and let's go. When we have a good ocean I will run crabbing trips until late December or until the commercial season begins. Trips are usually short. They will vary in time (2-6 hours) depending on gear requirements and travel distance.

*Departure time and trip duration depends on conditions and gear requirements

$100 Per Person
$80 Per Person (With Group Of 4 Or More)
$50 Deposit Per Person

Eco-Tours/ Private Family Trips

The North Coast has so much history.  Humboldt Bay and the surrounding headlands are beautiful! We have so much to see. Both large and small. I am equipped with small nets, hand lenses, and tanks to look at microscopic critters. These are frequently overlooked amazing wildlife. And of course whales. Our predominant whale populations are Humpback whales. Usually, we find them about 10-15 miles South West over the Eel River Canyon. Occasionally we see Grey, Blue, and Orcas. In addition,  harbor porpoises are frequently spotted offshore.  Elephant seals, sea lions, and harbor seals can at times be everywhere. Our duck and seabird populations are quite diverse as well. Puffins are known to nest on the rocks at Cape Mendocino as well. For plant lovers, marine algae are one of my passions. Let's talk seaweed! 

 Private family trips are also available upon request. I can take up to six passengers for private family occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, or memorials). 

Price varies depending on trip.
Client Responsibilities &  707 Policies
Client Responsibilities:

No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the boat. It is the client's responsibility to have a valid California ocean fishing license. A link is provided for last-minute requests. If you have any special needs please inform me in advance of our trip (Medical issues, left-handed gear, etc.).  Each angler needs to be physically able to function aboard the boat, it is your responsibility to take sea sickness medication prior to leaving on the trip (Seasick meds rarely work if taken at sea). Please bring lunch & drinks for the trip. Rough seas are common. Dress in layers, including a waterproof windbreaker or rain jacket.  The boat can be wet at times.  It is nice to wear waterproof boots & bib overalls, but they are not a requirement.


PLEASE don't wear heavy black soled shoes as they will scuff up the boat. Thank you. 

Booking Policy:

A 50% down payment is required to book your trip. Prior to departure on the day of the trip, the remainder of the payment is due. Cash, check, cash apps (Venmo, Zelle, Cash app) or a credit card are all accepted.  Be advised a 4% charge will be added to credit card payments (cards processed through "Square"). A full payment is optional at the time of booking. 

Approximately 2 days prior to the booked trip I will contact you regarding the ocean conditions. If the conditions are poor and unsafe the trip will be cancelled. This will give clients enough time to cancel hotel reservations and or not make any unnecessary road trips. We can rebook for a later date or I will refund your deposit.

I reserve to right to cancel trips due to circumstances beyond my control (rough seas, mechanical problems, or illness).  If I have to cancel a trip you will be contacted ASAP. We can rebook on another date or I will refund your money. My apologies!  

Cancellations must be made 10 days in advance of the trip to be able to receive a refund of the deposit. Last-minute cancellations or "no-shows" will forfeit their deposit unless you find another angler to take your place.

Have Special Requests?
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