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Fishing Reports

Starting May 1st the fun begins with Pacific Halibut (Alaskan Halibut).  May 15th we start our bottom fishing season (Rockfish, Ling cod and Black cod).  This year we have a zero depth restriction.  Throughout the season California Halibut will be available in Humboldt Bay when the ocean is rough offshore.  As the Summer ocean warms, the Albacore should be within range (~60miles). Then we might have a shot at large Bluefin tuna (100+ pounds) in later Summer through Fall. 


I am interested in running to Redding Rock as well.  This is a special kind of charter.  To make the extended 40 mile trip to the Ling Cod motherload I'll need 4 people interested in chartering the boat at an agreed upon cost. So, make sure you get your name and contact information on my "Lists" (Albacore, Bluefin tuna, Redding Rock, and Single angler standby). The end of the season finally will be Crab charters in November and December.


Let's go fishing!!!

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