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8/8 tuna run....

We got into them again. These were some quality tuna! 12 were caugt, 11 were 25-30# fish. We ran out ~38miles. They bit on micro jigs then the standard gear (clones and brooms). The bite wasn't red hot but we did have a quad. Mostly singles. As the week progresses other boat ran and had extremely irregular catches. One boat got 20 and another got blanks. This warm water push was very odd. It broke up but the fish hang around in very small localized area. One sword fish was spotted. Water temps peaked at 65°. Also, a large (~100#) Blue fin tuna was reported jumping completely out of the water. Like I said this push was unique! I will be ready for the next run. Get ur name on the tuna list and be ready. Can be a 24 hr notice to run.



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