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Fishing update. The ocean has finally calmed down so we can get out more frequently. I've been having good numbers of fish come aboard. Several 40+ pound Pacific Halibut have hit the deck. With a few chickens in the mix. The average fish are in the 20-25# range. Recently, canary rockfish have been added value to my otherwise single species trips. Also, the Humpback whales have be around. Lot to see and more to catch. July bookings are available. The Halibut quota as of today is 13,000 pounds out of 39,000 pounds. This number is likely to go up by another 10,000 pounds soon. Looks like we will have July to fish for Pacifics thankfully. Don't wait!!!! Once the quota is filled I will be running Combo trips for rockfish and Lingcod, California Halibut in Humboldt Bay, and Albacore trips. I addition, I am planning on running extended trips to lesser fished places like Redding Rock. Please call for details.

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